Lil Bambini MODELS

Congratulations on being chosen to be apart of the Lil’ Bambini team and welcome to the family 🥰.

Benefits for Lil’Bambini MODELS:

30% discount code for your PERSONAL USE ONLY during your term.

15% discount code to share with friends, family and followers

  • *One mandatory purchase within the first month, just so you have something to post pictures of and promote. Anything additional is always greatly appreciated and increase the amount of times your child will have exposure on our social media, website, and marketing materials.
  • Insider updates on Lil Bambini news & releases
  • Lots of love, support, and appreciation
  • Exposure on all Lil Bambini social media accounts, website, emails, promotional materials and all advertisements.
  • Chance to Earn FREEBIES based on participation and interaction.
  • Earn $10 shop credit for every $100 (not including shipping) in sales you generate using your unique "share code".

In Exchange, Every MODEL is asled to:

    • Interact with Lil' Bambini on all social media.
    • Follow us on Instagram
    • Like us on Facebook
    • Join our FB VIP Group and please please interact!
    •  Follow us on Pinterest
    • Like, Share, Comment, and Show some love on all of our posts. 
    • Take 3-5 photos of your child modeling each item that was purchased with your discount that are of high-quality resolution images within 1 week of receiving the item, and send to or Message them to me if that is easier for you.
    • *** If your photos are not received within 3 weeks and you have not reached out you will billed for the full price of the item purchased.***
    • Post your photos to your instagram account and tag us at @lilbambinishop and use hashtag #lilbambini. 
    • Share you photos with us on facebook and be sure to tag us!
    • Send filter free, clear, uncluttered (NO busy backgrounds PLEASE), unwatermarked, high-resolution photos to us via email within 1 week of receiving the item. Any blurry or dark photos will not be used or reposted so it is highly encouraged to provide quality clear and bright photos.
    • (** We understand sometimes life happens or weather doesn't cooperate so just please reach out and let me know and send photos promptly whenever you can.

Photo Guide:
We are expecting to receive:

  • 3-5 High-Resolution photos for each item/outfit  that was purchased with your discount. (**Please do not just use the discount and go on a shopping spree and then not give any photos or posts in return. You are receiving such a large discount in exchange for your photos and posts. If photos are not sent within 3 weeks and you have not reached out, you will be billed for the full price on the item)
  • Clear, sharp, bright photos in natural light if possible
  • Uncluttered Backgrounds 
  •  A Plain white wall, or white blanket is perfect in front of a open window! 
  • Outdoor photos are great too!
  • No filters or borders
  • Un-watermarked Photos
  • FULL BODY Photos Showcasing Clothing (no headshots).  As cute as your kiddo is, I will not post photos where the outfit is not in full view.

Photos should be sent to or you can DM them to us on instagram if that easier.

Photo Release

I hereby authorize Lil’ Bambini LLC to publish the photographs and videos taken of me, my family, and/or the aforementioned minor children, for use for promotional/advertising purposes in both print and electronic format when used lawfully for promotional purposes, publicity, advertising, social media, and web content.

I release Lil’ Bambini LLC from any expectation of confidentiality for the aforementioned minor children and myself and/or my family and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the children listed above and that I have to authority to authorize Lil’ Bambini LLC to use their photographs, videos, and names.

I acknowledge that since participation in publications and websites produced by Lil’ Bambini LLC is voluntary, neither the minor children nor I will receive financial compensation.  I further agree that participation in any publication and website produce by Lil’ Bambini LLC confers no rights of ownership whatsoever.  I release Lil’ Bambini LLC, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or the participation of the aforementioned minor children, myself and/or my family.

End Contract
We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding to all the terms and conditions.

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